PDNS Manager has two configuration files: config/config-default.php and config/config-user.php. Default values are saved in config-default.php, you should not edit these values as they will get overwritten if you update PDNS Manager.

Instead, you can edit these settings in config-user.php which overrides the settings made in config-default.php.


//Database settings
$config['db_host'] = "localhost";
$config['db_user'] = "root";
$config['db_password'] = "";
$config['db_port'] = 3306;
$config['db_name'] = "pdnsmanager";

//Remote update
$config['nonce_lifetime'] = 15;

//Number of rows in domain overview
$config['domain_rows'] = 20;


When you install PDNS Manager, the installation script will save your database connection parameters in this file.

The db_ named values specify the database connection.

The nonce_lifetime value specifies how long a request may take to be signed and sent back to the server. If your requests take really long - maybe you are using a micro controller which takes some time to sign the request or your connection is really wonky - try increasing this value.

The domain_rows value is the number of domains that is displayed per page when you open the domain overview. Set this to whatever you want, depending on the speed of your connection and how fast you want your results displayed.